Bronze March 2015 Results

Thank you to everyone who took part on Saturday. The event was fantastic and proved that you don't need to be a national champion to be successful and enjoy a tournament.

We're going to be running another one in June/July and so make sure to get enter!

Full results can be found here

Women's Doubles - Women's Doubles

1 Hilary Guthrie Jiayi Li

2 Tata Santaputra Susannah Tissiman

3/4 Hannah Gu Deepa Madheswaran

3/4 Claire Stacey Annie Tucker

Men's Doubles - Men's Doubles A

1 Kuan Fu Kuo Jo'Ash Pala

2 Adam Mcdonald Jonny Scott

3/4 Jal Lativ Keith Thompson

3/4 Ian Sullivan Jack Sullivan

Men's Doubles - Men's Doubles B

1 Azim Daud Euan Smith

2 Jonathan Fyfe Adam Neale

3/4 Ash Leontyne Sam Murray

3/4 Alex Burnet Issac Wan

Men's Doubles - Men's Doubles C

1 Raidu Chakka Hang Chung

2 Rahim Siddique Ali Abdul Meenaksi Sundaram Karthick

Mixed Doubles - Mixed Doubles A

1 Hilary Guthrie Jo'Ash Pala

2 Lorna Gehaghty Jack Tregellas

3/4 Claire Stacey Jonny Scott

3/4 Emily Waller Azim Daud

Mixed Doubles - Mixed Doubles B

1 Annie Tucker Euan Smith

2 Tata Santaputra Thomas Wallner

3/4 Laura Mcaughtrie Jonathan Fyfe

3/4 Hannah Gu Manop Sunfungphankawi

Mixed Doubles - Mixed Doubles C

1 Susannah Tissiman Ali Pollock

2 Amalia Runciman Zbigniew Zimny

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