Silver September 2015 Results

On the 26th of September we had our first silver tournament. 80 players from clubs all over Scotland entered and the level of competition was incredibly high. We just about managed to finish on time with only the finals pushing past the 6pm mark.

Thanks to our sponsors Yonex for prizes and Gannon Sports for providing shuttles. Our next tournaments are a Bronze doubles championships on 25th October and a Bronze singles championships on 28th November.

Full results can be found here

Women's Doubles - Women's Doubles A

1 Britt Ashton & Rebekah Puttick

2 Fiona Pittman & Bennath Mitchell

Women's Doubles - Women's Doubles B

1 Megan Munro & Rachel Scallen

2 Lovisa Wihlborg & Joanna Shepherd

Men's Doubles - Men's Doubles A

1 Justin Tang & Wilgene Tan

2 Anthony Grimley & Jacob Reynolds

Men's Doubles - Men's Doubles B

1 Stuart Pittman & Owen Turner

2 Siddhartha Singh & Michael Wishart

Men's Doubles - Men's Doubles C

1 Calum Forteath & Ramon Vollmer

2 Daniel Baptista-Hon & Michael Short

Mixed Doubles - Mixed Doubles A

1 Tommy Reynolds & Britt Ashton

2 Andrew Kidger & Nicola Trotter

Mixed Doubles - Mixed Doubles B

1 Peter Walker & Fiona Pittman

2 Andrew Grant & Susan Jalicy

Mixed Doubles - Mixed Doubles C

1 Philip Barowclough & Gillian Somerville

2 Henry Chen & Anna Pattoni



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