Bronze October 2015 Results

    On the 25th October we held our largest Bronze tournament yet at Meadowbank Sports Centre with 137 players attending. It was a fantastic success with some fantastic matches at all ability levels.

    Thanks to our sponsors Yonex for prizes and Gannon Sports for providing shuttles. Our next tournaments are a Bronze doubles championships on 25th October and a Bronze singles championships on 28th November.

    Full results can be found here

    Women's Doubles - Women's Doubles A

    1 Rebecca Bisset & Nikki Gracie

    2 Anna-Maria Farsakoglou & Olivia Yu

    Women's Doubles - Women's Doubles B

    1 Laura Muir & Debbie Craig

    2 Joanne Pottinger and Jane Hill

    Women's Doubles - Women's Doubles C

    1 Chelsea Cook & Rachel Fu

    2 Jessica Blackburn & Piyanut Daodueng

    Men's Doubles - Men's Doubles A

    1 David Holmes & Conor Hutchinson

    2 Alan Barrie & Andrew Ironside

    Men's Doubles - Men's Doubles B

    1 John Arbuckle & Wilgene Tan

    2 Justin Tang & Lewis Raeburn

    Men's Doubles - Men's Doubles C

    1 Weishi Li & Mario Soflano

    2 Colin Leslie & Alan Oliver

    Mixed Doubles - Mixed Doubles A

    1 John Qua & Nikki Gracie

    2 Simon Wood & Joanna Shepherd

    Mixed Doubles - Mixed Doubles B

    1 Ryan Jones & Heather Mckirdy

    2 Keith Thompson & Deepa Madheswaran

    Mixed Doubles - Mixed Doubles C

    1 Stefan Cunningham & Rachael McDonald

    2 Manop Sinfungphankawi & Hannah Gu



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